You can find special information about Slovenian roads and motorways and information which might ease your travel in Slovenia here.

To drive on Slovenian motorways, you need a vignette. Private cars with a caravan only need a vignette for the private vehicle. The same goes for camper vans (vignette 2A). Vehicles higher than 130 cm above the front axle need vignette 2B. Here is a list of measured vehicles.

In the NW part of Slovenia mainly, there are some alpine roads and passes where there are restrictions on camper vans and caravans. The chart below was prepared to make your travel in this part of Slovenia easier.

mountain pass caravan motorhome
Predel  YES YES
Mangart NO YES
Korensko sedlo NO YES
Ljubelj NO YES
Vršič NO YES
Soriška planina NO YES
Jezersko NO YES
Pavličevo sedlo NO YES

Note:  These are only our recommendations. The CGS team do not take any responsibility for any damage that might occur if you do not follow the suggestions.

The highest Slovenian road up to Mangart pass (2055 m) is the only Slovenian payable road. The toll is 5€. The road is closed for traffic in winter time.